April 1, 2009

April Fools Party!!!!!:0 :)

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The new April Fools Party is out! It is box themed this year.Here are some sneak peeks and surprises.

1. Propeller Cap

To get the blue propeller cap,(free item) go to the mine and move your mouse on the box in the lower right corner, the box with the picture of a propeller cap. the box will open and you will see the propeller cap! Dance with the propeller cap and fly! Here is me flying!!!


For Penguin Storm owners, here is the blue cap’s id code:

ID:431 Item:Blue Propeller Cap Member: False

2. Box Portals (Part 1)

There are box portals in 4 rooms in club penguin! They link to each other and you can warp! Here’s how they link up:

From the pizza parler…


to the dance club.


from the lighthouse to the ski lodge

and from the beacon to the coffee shop

3. Box Portals (Part 2)(The best thing ever!!!!!)

Meet the members-only BOX DIMENSION(bd for short)!!!!

How To Reach The Box Dimension:

Way #1 – For members:

Step #1 Go to the snow forts and walk over to the box store


Here is the box store


Step #2

Click the box store icon in the lower right corner to reveal this:


Buy at least 1 box portal

Hint: put a small box in your room. while holding it, press up or down on the keyboard to change the picture. It’s a TV!!!

Step #3

Go to your igloo and put the box portal in your home.


then waddle onto the box portal to go to the bd!!!!

The box portal and all the boxes are only available for this party.

Here is the bd:


This is true: The area i am soooo sure is called the bd because when it was loading i saw it said ‘Loading Box Dimension’. Look and see.

Some things that happen in the bd:

Snowballs bounce


and hats fly!


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