April 29, 2009

New Game Upgrades

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:44 PM by MasterEric

Sorry I haven’t go to post about these two events. The new stuff is just so much fun!!!

New background music has been added to one of the oldest and least coin providing games, Sled Racing(non-member game upgrade). And, for members only, there is a tobbagan that you can buy to go faster!!! Also, try playing sled racing in reverse mode! non-members can do it, and you don’t have to click anything different then you usually do! Just try to hit as many obstacles as possible. See? It’s that easy! But it’s harder than it looks. Try doing it with friends who are on a nearby computer. It’s fun!!!

Anyway, here is the next game that has been upgraded. It’s one of the newest, funnest games in club penguin! Dance Contest! if you are a member you can play any of the three new songs!

1. Patrick’s Jig

2. Go West

3. Let’s Bounce (my favorite)

That’s it for the upgrades!

Anyway, Rockhopper is coming to disney world florida april 30th!

rockhopper map « Club Penguin Cheats

Rockhopper will be visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. If you see him, be sure to tell Club Penguin all about it.


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