Funny Pictures-Other People’s Pictures

Here i post pictures from other people’s blogs. I give credit! If u want your pictures on this page, make a comment that gives me permission and a link to your blog, and i will post some pics ASAP!

Person #1

Username: Spq96

Blog Link:

Here are some of his pics.

That yellow puffle stole my award!


Was Club Penguin thinking we needed 6 whole droors for newspapers?!


Last time I checked they weren’t green…


A few penguins thought it would be funny to trap in a box.


Club Penguin needs to stay clean and healthy!


Why did they have to make Mancala such an unsafe game?


Darn those puffles!


This penguin needs to learn how to control what kinds of words he says!


How sad…


Instead of counting sheep when I go to sleep, I like to count fish!


I will add more images soon!

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