Lime Green Dojo Clean Cheats

Lime Green Dojo Clean


Remember, The cheats are always at the end of the page.

1. Click and drag the mop up over the top of the book, then rub over the mountains to reval a coin.


2. Click and drag the paint bucket to reveal a coin.


3. Click and drag the paint blob on the upper right until it wears out to reveal a coin underneath.


4. Hit the penguin with your mouse, then use him to clean the ceiling to reveal a coin.



5. Click and drag the paint bucket yet again to reveal a coin.

Note: Weather you use ‘shout’ or ‘pout’ in the choice at the end of this page will change cheat #7.


6. Click the light bulb and let it fall until a maze appears. Complete 3 of these mazes by dragging the light bulb to the end to reveal a coin.


7. Depending on the note in cheat 5 you will use different cheats.

If you chose pout:

Click the plug on the octopus to deflate it and reveal a coin.


If you chose shout:

Click and drag the box to remove the capes and then drag more to see socks then put those on the penguin’s flippers to reveal a coin.




The next page doesn’t have any cheats.

You should get 140 for finishing the book, 480 for the coins, and 140 for getting all the coins for a total of 800 coins, and that’s a lot!


That’s it for the cheats!


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