April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs!

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You can find the first egg at the Town by clicking on the night club light.


You can find the second egg at the Cove in the water by the rocks.


You can find the third egg at the Mine by hovering your mouse over the cave.


You can find the fourth egg at the Dojo Courtyard by clicking the entrance lamp.


You can find the fifth egg at the Gift Shop under the gray hat.

fifth easter egg cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

You can find the sixth egg in the fishing box at the Ski Lodge.


You can find the seventh egg at the Mountain on top of the direction signs.

seventh easter egg cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

You can find the eighth egg at the Beacon by switching the lamp off.

eighth easter egg cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Congratulations! You may now collect the pink bunny ears.

pink bunny ears « Club Penguin Cheats

Have fun w/ your prize!

I also made a new look that will be added to the look rating page.


Waddle on!


April 6, 2009

New Clothing Catalog and Play Awards Results

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Here are some cheats for the new Penguin Style catalog.

<br/><a href=

Click on the first coffee cup for the Black Graduation Cap.

<br/><a href=

Click on the coffee shop sign for the Spikester.

<br/><a href=

Click the pocket on the pink hoodie for the Boa.

boa cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the pink dance floor between the two dancing penguins for the Spikette.

<br/><a href=

Click on the gold in the pot to get the Pot of Gold.

pot of gold cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

That’s all for the Penguin Style Catalog.

Here are the results for the Penguin Play Awards.

And the winner of the Penguin Play Awards is…..


I thought Squidzoid would win…..

April 5, 2009

last 5 statues

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Here is the eleventh statue at the beach, by Monalooka


Here is the twelfth statue at the beacon, by Giraffe106


Here is the thirteenth statue at the mountain, by  Dj Girl Rox


Here is the fourteenth statue at the ski village, by Doudou15


Here is the fifteenth statue at the dock, by Zohannah7


April 1, 2009

April Fools Party!!!!!:0 :)

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The new April Fools Party is out! It is box themed this year.Here are some sneak peeks and surprises.

1. Propeller Cap

To get the blue propeller cap,(free item) go to the mine and move your mouse on the box in the lower right corner, the box with the picture of a propeller cap. the box will open and you will see the propeller cap! Dance with the propeller cap and fly! Here is me flying!!!


For Penguin Storm owners, here is the blue cap’s id code:

ID:431 Item:Blue Propeller Cap Member: False

2. Box Portals (Part 1)

There are box portals in 4 rooms in club penguin! They link to each other and you can warp! Here’s how they link up:

From the pizza parler…


to the dance club.


from the lighthouse to the ski lodge

and from the beacon to the coffee shop

3. Box Portals (Part 2)(The best thing ever!!!!!)

Meet the members-only BOX DIMENSION(bd for short)!!!!

How To Reach The Box Dimension:

Way #1 – For members:

Step #1 Go to the snow forts and walk over to the box store


Here is the box store


Step #2

Click the box store icon in the lower right corner to reveal this:


Buy at least 1 box portal

Hint: put a small box in your room. while holding it, press up or down on the keyboard to change the picture. It’s a TV!!!

Step #3

Go to your igloo and put the box portal in your home.


then waddle onto the box portal to go to the bd!!!!

The box portal and all the boxes are only available for this party.

Here is the bd:


This is true: The area i am soooo sure is called the bd because when it was loading i saw it said ‘Loading Box Dimension’. Look and see.

Some things that happen in the bd:

Snowballs bounce


and hats fly!

March 30, 2009

New Party Gallery!!!

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I have made a new Party Gallery! It will have pictures of  almost every party! Look for it in the sidebar!

P.S. It is a work in progress.

3/31/09 Update:

I have just made a Club Penguin Book Codes page. Check it out!

New Trading Cards

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New Card-Jitsu cards are being made. Cool!

March 27, 2009

CP Forum

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My Cp Forum page was password protected under the contest page. I have now removed the password so now everyone can enjoy!

P.S. The password to the Contest Page is obtained by (you guessed it) winning a contest.

P.P.S. Under the contest page i will soon be making the arcade.

Snow Sculptures

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Here is the picture of the first statue in the ski village, By Lucasbas.


Here is the second statue at the Beacon, by Wubby98.


Here is the third statue at the dock, by Ice4biel.


Here is the fourth statue at the beach, by Rosette37.


Here is the fifth statue inside the lighthouse, by Marco A9


Here is the sixth statue in the ski village, by Zsanett


Here is the seventh statue at the ski village, by Eggy1plant


Here is the eighth statue at the beach, by Imagem


Here is the ninth statue, by Yacou123


Here is the tenth statue at the dock, by Extraboum


More statues will be posted soon!

Waddle on!

New Martial Artworks Catalog

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There is now a new ninja catalog! Check out my favorite of the new items, the White Gi.

If u r a member u can wear it. when u have it, try out this look! It will be added to the Look Rating page.


Cool, huh?

Waddle on!

March 24, 2009

Go Club Penguin

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Check out Go Club Penguin! if u register, add me 2 your buddy list. I am mastereric.


Check it out! Waddle on!

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