Party Gallery

Here are most all the party pictures in club penguin. This is a work in progress.

Please enjoy what is here.

P.S. Most of my pictures are from here. I may have edited them slightly, such as in most pics for parties i have not been in i have edited the picture to include me. Also i have tried to circle any free item i see. I am sorry for any copyright inconvenience.

P.P.S. I have numbered the parties so in the end i will know how many total parties there have been. I hope this feature is of convenience to you.

Here they are:

1. The Beta Party.

Items: The beta hat in the town square.







This is the very first party ever. The famous BETA HAT was avalible here. The map certainly has changed, hasn’t it?

2. Halloween Party 2005

Items: ???




Comments: If you don’t include the Beta Party, this is the first party ever. Items unknown.


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